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逍遥游:新加坡的中学生活与课余活动 1945-1965

逍遥游 Education at Large 1945-1965
新加坡的中学生活与课余活动 Student Life and Activities in Singapore

主办者:圆切线 organised by THE TANGENT


Singapore's 1950s & 1960s is an oft mentioned era, yet our impressions of it are rather hazy. We seem to be aware of important events that occurred then, but how significant were they? The Tangent, through the collection of artifacts and oral history interviews, attempts to piece together the lives of these secondary school students. Besides The Tangent, participating students from many schools have also made innovative attempts in narrating colourful stories of their old alumni. At the opening of the exhibition, The Tangent is planning a forum, inviting all to share on experiences and writings of that era, with the aim of stimulating a more layered and comprehensive understanding of our unique history.

展览 Exhibition
日期 Date: 10/11/2007 (星期六) - 09/12/2007 (星期天)
开放时间 Opening Hours: 1200 - 2000
地点 Venue: 新加坡管理大学 Singapore Management University
The Gallery, School of Economics & Social Sciences
(Bras Basah Road/Victoria Street 路口; YMCA 对面)

论坛 Forum
日期 Date: 10/11/2007 (星期六)
时间 Time: 1430 - 1730
地点 Venue: 新加坡管理大学 Singapore Management University
Conference Hall 1, Administration Building, Level 5
(Orchard Road/Prinsep Street 路口; NTUC Income Building 旁边)

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