Tuesday, 26 June 2007







LiuSu said...




或养一只golden retriever,它身手敏捷,比猫更会捉老鼠。我弟家那只Pillow就训练有术。

Anonymous said...


pj said...

why don't you write a few letters, addressing to different mouse:

1. Mickey
2. Minnie
3. Jerry
4. 老鼠大哥和全家收
5. 亲爱的耗子收

if they are super intellectual, you will get a reply........
>.< |||

ba ker said...

jiu mu should look after en xin more often - definitely can sleep soundly after that. i haven't had insomnia since my 2 kids came.

jiumu said...

Thank you for all the valuable suggestions. I just let the little rat run away. All I am doing now is to spend double effort cleaning every corner of the house especially the little store room in the kitchen. Seems like you guys are experts. Why don't you come over and help me catch them?
Nowadays we have lots of phone calls from housing agents enquiry if we want to sell our house. Should I tell them their buyer have to buy our house together with the rat, the stray cats and some crawling insects!!!!

ba ker: Baby sitting En Xin is so much fun and not much energy used up because she is such a good and well behaved little girl. I always sleep well after she goes back NOT because of En Xin, BUT because I have to cook for any army! haha just joking.

柯思仁 said...

pj, can you give me the address(es)? :)

jiumu, i think it's a better idea to just let them go. hehe... i'm a theorist by training!

ba ker: got the deal?

jiumu said...

I do not mind catching the rat with all your methods put together. With the cuttle fish and the vegetarian dish, I may be able to catch more.Who will be the caretaker to run the funeral service????

pj said...

The address:


信打回来是小事,一堆老鼠移民到return address才是大事


柯思仁 said...

pj, do you want to be my research assistant for the rat project? you can help handle replies and answer queries... i shall direct them to you!

ba ker said...

actually i caught a few - 2 which i kept at home as pets and 2 which i released to Disneyland. will send photos separately to Syren for posting.