Tuesday, 21 October 2008


特别推荐:两个年轻而富创意的剧团,将联合呈献一个充满精彩的剧场空间和视觉效果的作品,由吴悦娟、苏佳亮、Jean Ng 等杰出演员演出。

Presented by The Finger Players & Cake Theatrical Productions

Dates/Times: 6 - 8 Nov: 8pm. Additional 3pm matinee on 8 Nov.
Venue: National Museum Gallery Theatre

Tremors from an earthquake in a neighbouring land reverberate through the lives of various families. Their once peaceful lives are shaken and the people feel deep unease. In the mornings, they awake with hearts trembling, wondering when their nerves will settle.

Their once secure homes now witness the appearance of mysterious cracks in the walls and dubious visitors of the equine-kind.

They must quickly distract and inspire themselves before they waste away with anxiety. They make plans to visit exotic destinations, renovate their homes, purchase the latest electronic products and take on outdoor hobbies.

A middle aged woman stands firmly within a shiny capsule, surveys the re-constructive work beneath her feet and chants fervently, “The future is a great place to be. The future is a great place to be.”

Inspired by Peter Shaffer’s psychological drama Equus, Flare is a narrative kaleidoscope exploring desperation and escape.

Written by Chong Tze Chien and directed by Natalie Hennedige, this collaboration between The Finger Players and Cake Theatrical Productions is an original dramatic work that draws from each company’s signature visuals and potent storytelling devices.

Tickets: $35 at SISTIC

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meiyin said...

记得自己前年看过cakes theatrical pdtn 的 "NOTHING", 印象很深刻,尤其对空间的使用和6个(或是4个,唉脑力敌不过两年。。)故事的穿插手法。