Wednesday, 2 March 2011


《Balek Kampong》,必要剧场的新戏。Haresh 的剧作,Alvin 的导演。这些年来,看他们的戏已经数不清多少次,每一次看,都经历一次思想的痛。剧名怎么翻译成中文?回老家?老家一定就是 kampong 吗?那是一种怀旧的想象,还是一种刺痛的矛盾?家的指涉,国的隐喻,是谁的框架与建构?是谁的具体存在?下个星期,要和同学们讨论“认同”的课题。也许,从《Balek Kampong》作为参照文本,是不错的思考起点。只是,又再经历一次思想的痛。

The Necessary Stage presents

A foreign journalist is taken to task after writing some objectionable
articles. A university exchange student tries to organise a forum on
campus and encounters obstacles.

The lives of these unlikely individuals meet and intertwine in The
Necessary Stage’s latest production. Characters clash, tensions run
high, and truth is questioned. Can we turn back time and return to a
harmonious past?

Who is allowed to speak out for what they believe? Do we welcome the views of foreigners? Or should they ‘Balek Kampong’?

Written by Haresh Sharma | Directed by Alvin Tan

Featuring a stellar ensemble of Jo Kukathas, Sukania Venugopal and
Siti Khalijah Zainal.

2 – 5 & 9 – 12 March 2011, 8pm
5 - 6 & 12 – 13 March 2011, 3pm

The Necessary Stage Black Box

$30 | $22* (Concession for students, senior citizens & NSF)
Tickets are available at all SISTIC authorised agents, via the hotline
at 6348 5555 online at and iNETS Mobile.

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